friction farm

Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay

“blending country, folk, and pop into a seamless package is not easy but Friction Farm has it down”
New Times Magazine





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What's New

Home for less than 48 hours with a long to do list. But, deep breath, THE NEW CD IS DONE. We don't have the actual physical shiny things, but you can PRE-ORDER here. All the details are on that link, but the short version is you can download right away and we will mail the CD in a couple of weeks.
This is not a kickstarter or other funding campaign. It is simply a chance to get a copy of the CD soon since we may not be touring in your area right away. Still, we very much appreciate your support.

Upcoming Shows and Events

May 18-21 - Black Mountain NC
May 24 - New Bern NC
For more shows and more info visit our shows page

Scheduling shows for fall 2017 and 2018 right now - where should we play?