friction farm

Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay

“blending country, folk, and pop into a seamless package is not easy but Friction Farm has it down”
New Times Magazine





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What's New

Road sweet road! Some of you probably think our lifestyle is insane. But we have hugged more awesome people in the past two weeks than most folks get to meet in a lifetime.
We bounce home for a couple of days and then head out again. It is astounding how much work you can cram into two days when that's all you have!

Upcoming Shows and Events

Oct 14 - Robert Harper Books, College Park MD
Oct 19 - The Ware Center, Lancaster PA
Oct 21 - Cooperstown Music Series, Cooperstown NY

For more shows and more info visit our shows page

Still adding a few shows for fall 2017 and much of 2018 right now - we want to play where you are.