friction farm

Aidan Quinn and Christine Stay

“blending country, folk, and pop into a seamless package is not easy but Friction Farm has it down”
New Times Magazine





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What's New

We have been a bit quiet lately. Enjoying being home. We have been landscaping almost every day. A raised walkway, gravel path, erosion control, planting. Fun stuff. I also posted a blog reminiscing about our hurricane days. Funny how they seem nicer at a distance.

Speaking of hurricanes, we are ready to hit the road toward all those wet and windy places...Florida...Texas. Aidan has done lots of van maintenance and I've been packing. See you out there.

Upcoming Shows and Events

Sept 20 - Jacksonville FL
Sept 22 - Lake Park FL
Sept 24 - Orlando FL

For more shows and more info visit our shows page

Still adding a few shows for fall 2017 and much of 2018 right now - we want to play where you are.